Each plate that leaves the Trattoria’s kitchen must pass muster with our Chef. Our Chef has a flair for culinary artistry and his uncompromising good taste are consistently evident in succulent creations such as salmon bruschetta, a delectable house-cured alaskan wild salmon bresaola sliced over tomatoes and basil on crisp Italian bread, and insalata rustica, a crisp salad with shaved red onions, crispy prosciutto, Bingham Hill Rustic Blue and the house vinaigrette.

Trattoria’s Chef, after extensive testing, has developed an incomparable Insalata di Cesare, a Caesar salad with the perfect blend of anchovies, lemon and garlic, with homemade croutons. Other not-to-be-missed favorites include Penne alla Vodka with cherry tomatoes and asparagus in a vodka and tomato cream sauce, Gnocchi Quattro Formaggi, homemade potato dumplings in a blend of gorgonzola, goat cheese, mozzarella and parmesan with a touch of garlic cream sauce.  Calamari alla Siciliana served with marinara sauce, home – made pesto sauce and sun – dried tomato aioli, traditional Pork Scaloppine, thin cut pork tenderloin sautéd with lemon, sage and prosciutto di Parma in a white wine-butter sauce, and any of the pizzas with their cracker thin crusts and tasty toppings.

Fans of these pizzas have declared them the best in Boulder.